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About Roninkoi

I'm Roninkoi/Ronin748/Ron..., a hobbyist game dev from Finland. I've been making small silly games off and on for the past +5 years. Most of these have been for game jams such as Ludum Dare. In addition to game design, game technology has interested me for a long time, so I've always written my own game engines. Graphics programming holds a special place in my heart.

My current interests are in physics simulations, which was insipired by my own attempts at making game physics for my engines. I'm currently headed for a degree in computational physics. Some of my favorite areas include materials physics, fluid dynamics, orbital mechanics, semiconductors, medical physics and computer science of course.

While I'm not an expert in anything I do, I dabble in art and hardware as well. I do the art for my games and I hoard musical instruments, for what it's worth.

CPU architectures, MIPS, RISC in general
Older computer hardware, especially 60s mainframes and 90s UNIX workstations
Aerospace engineering, space exploration
Nuclear physics, radiation detection, radiochemistry


Email: roninkoi ├Ąt iki.fi

Twitter: Roninkoi

Github: Roninkoi

Updated 09.03.2019